how modeling car tire?

Hello, I’m new here. First sorry my english. I’m looking for a tutorial to do a car tire and rim, I found in this site some threads about this but all links are expired. Someone know for a tutorial to do this? Thank you.


Welcome to the Blender forums!! Have a look at issue #8 from the link below - actually, since you are new, have a look at all of them.

Best of Luck!!

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Ele, I downloaded those Blender Art magazines and burned the first twelve on a CD, plus created a folder with the associated .blend files per issue linked to each one and also a notepad file to explain which .blend was associated with the relevant issue and tutorial to make it quick and easy to find the right one. You might want to do the same, or something similar.

I also recommend that you check out the Blender Wiki tutorials: . That’s what I’ve been using. There are some car related tutorials there, beginning with the "Simple Vehicle ( I strongly suggest that you ease into it with some of the first tutorials (like the Modeling a Simple Person tutorial) as a way of getting familiar with Blender. It all pays off, even if the item to model might not interest the new Blender user.

Thanks Van_Fossen :wink:

well realistic car tire thread making is a bit boring and easy but the rims making are quite hard …i will try to make a tutorial and P.M you …((after long time becouse i have exams right know …may be in january)))

Thank you very much for the interest :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, ele.

GE-FORCE, I’d really like to see that tutorial after you find time to make it. I take photorealism quite seriously, so I am open to any pointers I can get to achieve it. Same with anything having to do with cars although, my present goals do not include most luxury models, but more along the lines of old US and Japanese cars and not in the best shape.