How much sampling?

Hi there!,

I’m working on an animation and I’m pretty close to render it. It’s around 1Kframes at 24FPS. I render my scene separately: by one hand I use Blender Cycles to render the scene with my materials and in my other hand I use Blender Render to render smoke and gas effects (at last, I will have to render 2K frames). If I want to render my frames on a 1920x1080 res, how much sampling do you recommend me to have good results if I’m using motion blur and depth of field too?. In my machine (intel i7 6GBRAM NVidia Geforce GTX 260) I’ve tried on a 800x600 res, 500 samples and it has taken 48 mins for one single frame.

I want a good result, but if I have motion blur, smoke, fog, depth of field, etc., I’m affraid I would waste render time because it will be not appreciable.

Thank you in advance.
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