How much to charge...

I was wondering how much to charge, and how to charge for 3d work. I do anything.

Do I charge hourly or per-project?

Is $100 USD too much for a logo?

Is $20 an hour too low?

I need some answers. I think for logos I’d charge per-logo. But for bigger projects maybe hourly?

It all depends what your skill level is. I charge $400 for a logo with business card design. I offer packages for more than that but that is the intro price for me. For Logo’s I find Adobe illustrator. Printers often like .ai files some like .pdf’s and your customer might expect it .ai’s or .eps’s

When I started out and did not have any customers I charged $36 per hour. I now charge 80-100 depending on the contract and how aggresive I need to be to win the business.

I hope this helps.

wow, that’s a lot more than I expected!

I’ve been using blender for 4 years, I consider myself pretty elite when it comes to logos. I’m currently doing logo design for an international company

I think I’m going to get hired to work. Because they do a professor with a real person, and I might remake him in 3d and do lipsync.

Good luck with your project. Your skills and dedication make you stand out. And keep us informed of your project.

Does your customer want an updated website to go along with your design? I specialize in web design. I would not might doing a co-project.

My website is

The company is actually owned by my dad. My bro and someone else are webmasters. Believe me, it’s international, so there’s workers everywhere.

This is why I travel so much.

Well that makes it a lot easier XD its definitely worth a good 200$