how much to charge?

I am now in a position where my love of computer and breaking and fixing my own computers is turning me to the Church family’s tech support person. I was wondering what to charge for the things like: computer set-up and basic training on basic programs, installation of Hardware, software related repair, “help Windows won’t boot,” and other similar things. I would like to charge less then Geek Squad though. So what do you think?

:yes: how about you start with minimum wage and go from there - you need to get the church paying you first before you ask for a raise. If you get flooded with so many “help me” situations that you cannot keep up, or if your schedule becomes more demanding, you should raise the rate.

I don’t mean the Church itself would be paying me. But the individuals themselves. Per Hour or per job for something besides minimum wadge.

oh, well, in that case, try to find the price point people are willing to pay for your service

Minimum Wage (in $/hr) + Geek Squad Charge (in $/hr) / 2
that will give you a midrange price point with which you can start - and just round to the nearest dollar. - more than minimum wage but less than full geek squad geekiness.

To my knowledge GS works on per job on per hour. So how to figure it out?

iirc the Geek Squad guys would normally make about $12/hour, except maybe the in-home guys would make a little more.

Googling very quickly led me to this:,10.htm

Since you’d like to charge less than Geek Squad, maybe you can base your prices on this? I don’t know what the difference between Geek Squad’s prices and their wages are though… I’m sure Best Buy certainly makes money on it.

Yeah I would mostly be doing in home and on the phone stuff.

Your story sounds very familiar;)

I have been the tech/sound guy for my church for about 6 years now and also have been doing tech support and computer repair/ugrades for about 4 years.
I cant tell you exactly what to charge but I cant suggest a few tips.
I usually find out what the local businesses charge and go for a fraction usually around half, mostly because all of the money goes to you the tech and not to an overlooking company and I also have found that the less you charge the more they come back.

I hope that was helpful.

BTW: just out of curiosity where are you from? I doubt blender is a real place :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know many companies near me that do this kind of thing.

Even someplace like geek squad as you mentioned earlier is a good place to start.

Family member recommended me doing $15 dollars an hour since “your not trained and your working on your own!” Sound good? I think I’ll start at that. But do you pay a doctor for their training or what they can do!?!