How much will RTX 2080 TI improve over GTX 1080 TI?

I read the Nvidia white paper, it says the performance improvement over 1080 TI is 2x. But all resources I can got online indicate the performance improvement is just 30%. Why is that difference? What is the actual improvement? Because if it is just 30% faster, why spend more 60% money on 2080 TI. Does nowadays commercial render engine(like Octane) fully utilize the new hardware features?

Anyone who has tried 2080 Ti can give a performance report on that?

I tried 2080 Ti and 1080 Ti with octane and confirm 2080 Ti is 2x faster


The difference in performance is simple.

Using just the regular CUDA cores, performance improvements are only about 30% due to improved architecture/clock speeds.

the 2x improvements are only when the renderer is optimized to use the RTX ray tracing cores. However not many renderers are optimized to use that just yet. Octane is one of the few that do. With more to come over the next few months.


Let me ask this: why is the fuel economy on your vehicle different than what the manufacturer provides?

The answer is the same: It’s not some tinfoil hat conspiracy/greed/etc., it’s just that a standard measurement cannot be the same as absolutely every single user. Some will see better performance than others, some will not.

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Thanks! Then I am sure 2080 Ti is really worth the price.

Thanks! That makes sense. I hope cycles will support that.

I know what you mean, but 2x vs 30%, the difference is too big.

So what’s the current performance difference over 2080ti?

The 30% it’s in the gaming but in compute performance Turing architecture it’s a beast it’s twice as fast as the gtx 1080ti :wink: