How print degree symbol?

I need to print degree symbol (small circle) in python, and I want to be sure it will works in all languages.

How can I do it?

I have tested “\u0870” and always get 2 weird characters

\u0870 is not a valid Unicode character. Try \u00b0.

“\u00b0” works in ui at least, (same code creates weird symbols from console),
not sure if you need to:

-- coding: utf-8 -- at the top of script.

more info here:°-charater-in-a-string-in-python

Perfect. I had tested in a command window with your solution and had weird result, but inside Blender is perfect.

BTW, can you explain me more about how works include and add-on as “official”. I answered your question in GitHub, maybe you didn’t see.

hi, Iv’e modified your page here:
(fixed name, updated priority & assigned to ideasman42.)
he should have some time to review your script/s shortly after release.
best to create a fresh task fo measureit.
youv’e done most of the work already, just a few things, join the mail list:
More info here:

If you have time drop into irc freenode #blenderpython or #blendercoders & we can follow up some more.


Ok, I will read the details, my only concern is if put add-ons in “official” will take to much time. I make all for hobby, so I don’t want too much responsibilities, do you know what I mean, no?

all good, once you get in, things settle down, only the occasional update for api changes is usually the case.