How should i detail my island?

Hello again (:

So i’ll skip my usual stories of what i’m doing and get right to it.

I have an island i want to use for a series of animations. Each segment takes place in different locations of the island and i need to go in a do some more detailed sculpting of the areas.

Would you say it’s better to have a high poly island and keep sculpting like usual, or use dynamic typology and somehow try and retopologize the island later? I honestly have no idea how i’d accomplish that though.

Or is there some other method i could try all together?

Here’s a picture of my island and it’s planning.

you don’t need to know much about the notes but basically the dotted lines are pathways and each number is where i’m needing to apply more detail to. Each of those areas should be about the size of a walmart parking lot or something maybe. i don’t know how descriptive that is.

Any tips or suggestions would be fantastic!

Thank you ^-^