how should I set roll angles??

I think that I finally appreciate how roll angles can mess up a rig if not handled properly so the question is, how are they optimally set?

For example you have a person who has a spine going up and down but the legs pointing down, if you use Z axis as up, do you rotate the roll for legs so Z points down? So what about x and Y then which way do you want them to face?

What about arms - they stick out at 90 degrees but which way are you placing the palms and elbows relative to the bone roll angles and corrdinates?

Please help me avoid mistakes.:confused:

Hi Walshlg, I have been wondering the exact same thing. What I tend to do is ensure that the main rotation axis of all bones are the same. This means that if I set the arm bone roll angles to rotate around x to bend the arm, I make sure the roll angles are the same on the knees, wrist ect. meaning x marks the main rotation axis of all bones… I don’t know if this is correct though.