how the heck was this modeled? (reference picture)

Sorry I’m not submitting a blender pic but this forum is closest I can find to relevant.

I’m boggled by this image I found in my Windows background folder. It’s like a steampunk reactor nightmare.
As far as I can figure it’s driven by some complex 3D procedural fractals with spherical symmetry. The architecture though has an organic structure. Some of it I can see being placed by hand but…either somebody has some fancy tricks or they just have some Pharoah blood

Anway, if anybody knows this pic’s story or some ideas I would love to hear it. It comes with a set of other more traditional fractal images but those all look like they could be shaped by math alone.

That’s a fractal from either Mandelbulber or Mandelbulb 3D :slight_smile: You can’t actually place a structure anywhere by hand in those programs(unless they have changed in the last year that I haven’t used them) :slight_smile: