How they used to model primitives: WC. 112

far from completion as the caption will say

let me use my freedom of speech, hope it doesn’t bother you

First off, well, I personnaly, don’t think it’s an original idea. I mean…from the topic of the wc, it’s the first thing everyone would think about. making 3d primitives…ok ok you did add a little “twist” for the “old” primitives, but still I’m not so keen about the idea. But well, it’s yours so…I guess it’s only a matter of opinion.

Secondly, I would remove the sphere. if you stick with the “primitive” idea. I mean, back in da time there were no wheels :wink: so probably no smooth sphere too. I would stick with cubes and octogonic things for the scene. You could also have a more…how to say…creative scene. Maybe having cubes that build up a wall. Or something, you know somekind of a scene, not just a bunch of fract. subd. primitives placed randomly…

Also, get a better lighting, at least give us shadows! it might be just a wip, but when presenting something it’s also good to have shadows and a semi good lighting setup at least so people can see everything more clearly with depth and such. Easier to comment this way…

The light now is a hemilight which is what I use so I can see my scene in test renders.
BTW: I didn’t use fractel sub-divide, I used the random button for selecting then alt-c for scaling on normals, fractel subdivide does roughen things up but too much in one way.

This topic is now declared obsolete, the link now goes to a completed image

erm i dont like it, no offense dude its just not right mood/atmosphere.

The sky’s a little bright as I can tell but as long as there’s matching daylight it doesn’t ruin it really.

Okay, I changed the sky and light color a little to give it a more primeval look, it’s rendering right now at the moment so if anyone wants to stop from replacing the current version go on ahead.

I think it’s pretty original. Good idea, actually :smiley:

The only thing that bothers me is that the rock textures in the foreground are a bit too obviously stucci. Perhaps you could add something else to the map like some kind of voronoi?

Good work and good luck with the results.


On the contrary no stucci texture was used. Nice guess though :wink:

Replaced it with an image update, improved the mood of the scene.

The whole image looks very rough and gritty. not sure how you achieved that effect. I’ve tried for other things, but never succeeded. well, here it doesn’t seem to work very well. :expressionless:

Good nor value is the secret for that, works pretty good with a cloud texture with the lowest possible noise size and high depth.