How to 3d track an object with zero camera movement

I want to track this breadboard, which I actually was able to do with 8 tracking markers. Now if I’m linking empties to track, it works fine but kind of tracks them as a flat 2d plane. I want the points to be tracked in 3d space.

The goal in the end is to put a plane on the breadboard and a 3d object on the plane. This is all just a test at the moment.

There are dozens of tutorials on YouTube on how to track camera motion, which I did as well at some point. I also know how to track a plane and put a picture on it like so: see after 17 seconds.

I also found this tutorial on YouTube, which is exactly what I want to do, but somehow I can’t follow it…

Edit: it’s Blender 2.8
Edit2: By “tracks them as a flat 2d plane” I don’t mean the breadboard, which is actually a plane… I mean when I turn the board in the video, some of the points are supposed to go farther away from the camera and some are moving towards it… I hope this explains what I’m trying to do.

You will not get 3d solve from features that are on single plane, it is not possible to deduce proper 3d coords from it. You must add a few markers (maybe even 1-2 would do) that are on different depth (so they stick out from breadboard). Features must be laid out in all three dimensions.

I’m looking forward to the video of this guy:

This should work with Four Corner Pin Tracking.


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