How to achieve life-like animation?

I have recently made a model of a Bee, but I don’t know how to make the animation look realistic.
I want to be able to implement the motion of this insect in flight, and also the way it moves itself.

Thanks, nebket.

The best way is to study reference videos of a bee flying. Also, care to share an image of your model?

This is still an early model, so it still needs more detail (legs, texturing, etc…).
Anyway, here is the link to the picture and the model:!117&authkey=ACps1lnxD58cQaU

Like Place57 said, reference is very important in animating something realistically. Also, remember to not just animate the major movements. It’s the little subtle things, like shifts of weight, antenna twitches, etc. that really make a character seem realistic.