How to achieve paint effect for the nature, plants in Blender? + example

is it possible to achieve in Blender compositor such a look for the plants?

Here is alpha image from cgtextures. If you want to help me you can import it in Blender compositor and try to make that look

It’s probably possible in Blender. In PS there are more artistic style filters. This is ‘smart blur, radius 30 , threshold 65’

and then a duplicate layer on top, using filter ‘cutout’ set at 30% opacity:

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Thanks, its already looking quite good, but would like to achieve that more washed away, oilish, waterish, smeared kind of look. What else we can add to make it like that?

But be aware that i want to use it as animation and not still image, not sure yet though if i wanna use 2d plants and do parallax effect or 3d plants. Will see

So how can I reach that effect in blender, which nodes do I need to connect and how?

It would be very useful to have some more filters in Blender compositor, some like photoshop or AE filters like “Oil paint”, Mozaic, Cartoon, Roughen edges filter and many others. Thats why i have to now use After Effect or Photoshop to recreate that effect because Blender sucks