How to achieve smooth turning on a navigation mesh

When using a navigation mesh, what’s the trick behind getting a smooth movement.
I’d like to let a object follow a navigation mesh, but its movement is often eratic or with shocks.

I dont know on what it depends to make the movement smooth, but i like to know

I tried a few things, thin naviagtion meshes with lots of faces, wide subdived a few times navigation meshes.
but perhaps its something else that i need to do

could be friction/catching on faces.

as for turning, I have a actor I rigged to turn in place,
and then move forward, but in many cases

vel = own.worldLinearVelocity.copy()
own.alignAxisToVect(vel, 0,1)
#assumes x+ is forward

this will smoothly face the direction you are moving, but on the x/y plane.

to get even more control, you can use python, and navmesh.findPath()

Let another invisible object do the steering. Follow that object with slow parent (parent + slow parent enabled).

good tips, do you also know what to do if the navigation mesh stays black ?, i dont know what i do wrong.

It turns black when you’ve tampered with the faces and points in the mesh, the very simple way to fix it is to reset it’s index values. :smiley: