How to achieve to "Bake" indigo textures ?

i want to know what should i do to “bake” with indigo.

I guess is just not possible witth blender , but , maybe there’s a way to do it.

So like baking AO or anyother thing in blender but with indigo.

than x

Indigo is a renderer, you need to prepare your maps, textures etc. beforehand. For example, if you wanted to use a blender procedural material in Indigo, you would need to first UV map your object and then, bake the material to a texture and save it. You would then assign that texture in the indigo exporter. AFAIK, Indigo doesn’t do any render baking.

anyone ?..

Are you saying you want Indigo to render itself to textures to paste onto the geometry?

somehow yes , i know how indigo works , but there must be a way to “bake” indigo , a creative way , somehow like 2.5 D or something.