How to activate spacenavigator in blender 2.59?

Please does anyone tell me how to activate spacenavigator in blender 2.59. Before I will purchase this kind of hardware, I need to know more detailled what to do.
The only thing that I found is the 3DConnexion-driver (in my case the linux one) on the 3DConnexion-site.

Do I have to load an additional plugin for blender to work with the spacenavigator?
Where do I have to adjust the keysettings in blender, or is this set automatically?

Lot of questions, but I haven’t found any tutorial or HowTo for blender 2.59 since the 3DConnexion-devices are supported.

Thanks for help.

I’m not sure, as I’ve never used one, but I think you just plug it in.

When I start Blender, I get this in the console:-

ndof: dead zone set to 0.10
connect failed: No such file or directory
ndof: spacenavd not found
found bundled python: /home/organic/install/linux2/2.59/python
So it is obviously looking for one.

Just in case - this is an svn build :slight_smile:

SpaceNavigator works out of the box with Blender 2.59. It allows rotation, zoom, pan.

It last worked in 2.49 and support has finally been restored!

SpaceNavigator is not a replacement for a mouse and keyboard, but I definitely find it convenient.


All I did was was start the driver for my SpaceNavigator before I launched 2.59 and it worked. There were no settings or options to touch.

I am not sure how it works in Linux, but on a Windows system (WinXP 64bit in my case) there is no applications specific plugin necessary for Blender.
Once you have installed the 3D Connexion software the Space Navigator works in Blender without further ado.

I have a Space Pilot pro and use it in Solid Works and while not essential I find it very enjoyable to work with.

I also have a Space Navigator at home on my iMac but unfortunately Blender 2.59 crashes on start so I guess I have to wait until that bug is ironed out to test the Space Navigator.

One thing In noticed is that movement in all axes seem to works exactly the opposite way as they work in SolidWorks.

so it rotates around the selected object…but is there a way to fly around the model without something selected so i can navigate to a certain point before i select it

hello Alareth or others … I have a mac … and am thinking of buying a space navigator… [1] does it work with 2.61 and [2] does it work with 2.61 on the mac … thankyou in advance for any help

wulfbyrnan, The answer is to your [2] is not quite! Unfortunately on the Mac you have to hold down the Shift key to Pan else it works fine (I think - I’ve only just got one). The problem is known and being worked on (I hope).

The shift for panning is universal across all versions of Blender right now.
Yes, it IS being worked on.

I have been gathering information about the various models of spacemice, and built a webpage around it.
Recently I added a page specifically dealing with Blender compatibility. So if you want to know which models of spacemice are compatible with Blender under various flavors of OS…

Spacemice / Blender Compatibility

A plugin is no longer required. The 3DConnexion blender plugin was for the 2.4x series, before the major overhaul.
As of Blender 2.59, 3DMouse support is built-in.

In windows, no driver is required at all, in fact the 3DConnexion drives only make things more confusing and get in the way. Blender will work just fine with Window’s own generic USB HID drivers. Thanks to that, you can use any USB 3D Mouse that 3DConnexion ever made. Including the ones that they officially no longer support. (ie: now cheaper on ebay)

Linux users will need the spacenavd open-source driver. With that they can even use 3DConnexion’s antiquated serial devices. (ie: even more cheaper on ebay)

MacOS users however do need to use 3DConnexion’s drivers, and as such are limited to the currently produced models. (ie: not so cheap)

Complete list of Blender compatible spacemice, sorted by OS, available here…