How to add 2d animation elements over a video?

I am mostly confused as to where to do it in Blender, with what tool?
At first I thought maybe do it in VSE.
These 2d elements are small compared to the main subject in the video. They occupy only like a 5 to 10 % of the whole screen. Unfortunately when I bring them in, they get automatically expanded to the whole screen size. I don’t know if there’s a special way to bring them in as if I was using an image editor (where each imported element keeps their own dimensions) where I can also just move them around freely.

It would be great to know what is the general work flow for something like this. And then break it down to its parts.
I know I am asking a lot, but I hope someone has the patience and time to explain it here, for me and everyone else that ever wanted to do the same.

Thanks guys

I am suspecting I will need to bring both the video and the 2d elements to Compositing. If so, what would be the right nodes recipe in order to put these 2d elements over the video?

There is a tickbox in the right hand panel of the VSE called Image Offset that will mean an image or videoclip app-ears at it’s origonal size rather than the size of the window.

There is also a Transform effect you can add to images/videos/etc.

That’s great to know! Thanks for sharing yogyog :slight_smile:

Btw, I was trying your noodles recipe to add an image over video, but this time with either a MP4 video, or an Image Seq. But unfortunately the video shows with a black background although I did change the Render/Film/Alpha setting from Sky to Transparent. And the Image Seq shows in bright pink.

Compositing Noodles

The Material Noodles

What could I be missing?

Any idea when the Discuss forum will be ready?