How to add a "Cap" to Screw Modifier

I need the ends of this screw to be filled in. Is there a way to add a “cap” or some way to close the ends of a screw created with the “Screw Modifier”?


This might not work but it is just a suggestion. You could add a plane or a circle, subdivide it a few times then remove the doubles. If this doesn’t work I will have a bit of a ponder and get back to you. Hope this helps.

What I would do is select all of the edges around the open end, extrude and scale in to about 3/4 to the center, then alt-m merge to center to close the end.

Use floating mesh. I have created a closed mesh from this before, but unless you specifically need a closed mesh, it is an absolute waste of time and a lot of work for no benefit. Just add a circle while in edit mode, and extrude it down to cover the top.

I agree with Adam. Alternatively, if I needed a screw, I would open up 2.49b and use the screw script. Save the Blend or export the object to obj and append or import it into your scene.

Ok, thanks everyone. I will see what I can do. It would be great if they could add a “Cap” feature to the screw modifier.