How to add extra mesh with the animation

I have animated the dog but forgot the tongue. I have parented the tongue with empty. I want to animate the tongue with the running animation (dog) . Any suggestion how it works.

Set up the head as the parent of the tongue:

  • select the tongue,
  • select the head,
  • Ctrl-P,
  • Object.

will it did not work with the above steps.

I don’t know what you’re doing differently from what I’m doing, but it works here. What mode are you in when you do the parenting?

object mode.

Is your dog rig linked from an external file? If so, you have to do the parenting in the original file, then reopen your animation file and it should be automatically dragged in from the original.

No its the same single file im working with it no external file that exists.

You can parent the tongue to the dog’s armature, but first make an extra bone to animate the tongue (extrude from a head bone tip). Parent the tongue to the armature, then in the “parent type” you can choose the newly extruded bone, so it will drive the tongue. You may have to reposition the tongue close to that bone.

In fact you could extrude 2 bones from the head bone, then delete the first (middle) one, and “parent” the tongue to the last bone, which should still be linked to the head bone.

Hi, if you parented the tongue to the empty then you need to parent the empty to the head bone not the tongue.

I extruded 1 bone from the head and parented. It parented but not follow with the animation