How to add facial rig to Existing body armature?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to make my facial feature armatures parent with the body armature properly?
Basically I have a character which I rigged the body for first.
Then, following tutorials I rigged my eyes and eyebrows.

However when I try to parent the eye and eyebrow controls to the body rig, the eyes and eyebrows don’t follow the body anymore.

Can I not do this with these kind of manipulators? Is there another way that I have to set up the rig completely?
I’m at a complete stand still.

I had the eyes and eyebrows weight painted to the main body and it all moved together cohesively.
However I couldn’t achieve the desired effect of the facial rig without separating them from the main body by zeroing out the weight on eyes and eyebrows…

Hopefully this makes sense?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey, You have Armature(body) and Armature.001 (face rig), It joins them = CTRL + J, select the body armature last, this is in ‘Object’ mode.You will have to re-parent them to say the head bone

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You can also add bones to an existing armature, I’ve explained how to do so in this one-minute tutorial. (Okay, one-minute and two seconds :sweat_smile:)

This actually worked and I see what you mean about renaming the bones again…
However when they got joined, they lost any control affect.
Does that mean I’ll have to vertex paint them again or is there something that I might be missing?

Thank you very much by the way!
This actually got me closer to goal so any progress is good progress :slight_smile:

Thank you! This is very handy, I’m sure I have actually seen this when I was going through my character rigging stage.

Your welcome, I never said anything about re-naming bones because that will break ties to parts that have vertex groups that use those bones names.

No yeah, when I ctrl+J’d the face bones, they lost their names so I had to rename them.
Which leads me to the next dilema of getting the eyes to parent to the eye bones again.

It seems no matter what I do, I just can’t achieve the same effect that I had prior to joining.

Fo you have any suggestions regarding that?

I did parent the facial parts to the body by the way but they are still separate objects.

Thank you very much once again :grin:

Hey, If your facial parts lost their animation it was prob due to the join, the face parts are prob using an ‘Armature’ modifier which broke it ‘Armature’ name. You just use the eye dropper picker to re-set it, but given there was a name conflict, not sure how that comes out.
To parent the eye >select the bone you want in ‘pose’ mode > select eye object > re-select the bone again > Ctrl + P > Bone. Its that easy, no armature mod or vertex groups, weight painting…

Oh Holy crap! I never even thought of parenting bones and mesh in pose mode. That is genius! Thank you soooo much you are a star :grin: