How to adjust clipping in camera view?

Hey, so i recently figured out how to adjust the clipping and how much i can see out of camera, but then when im looking trough the camera i just see the grey cause it lik cuts it off, how can i see more?


Heres my blender file so you can see what i mean.

finalgame + textures.blend (382 KB)

hmm i give up after like 5 hours of looking around, any of you guys got suggestions? is it doing the same thing for you?

You are a brave blenerhead ;). All these hunderts of logic bricks … really nice you gave them names. Unfortunatly I have no idea what the should do.

Anyway. If I switch to multitexture (I do not have GLSL support) I can see your orange spaceship on a yelow ground and a blue bar at the left side. Is it that what you are missing?

BTW. The clipping distances of the cative camera are used in the 3D view too. That means if the camera frustum (see wiki) would eb to small you wouldn’t see anything in the 3D-window either.

I hope it helps

yer i had a talk to my tutor tonday about it and he thinks its because while i was first starting my game and in the brand new to blender nooby stage, i just scaled everything up massive like 200x and 1000x scale rather then making it all bigger in edit mode and so on. So basically blender isnt the best with like massive large scale objects. So we think that might be what it is. so to fix it i would have to rescale everything, re animate and so on. So not worth it camera is only a small part of the assignment.

As for all the logic bricks, each one sends a message to a certain empty which spawns something so i can have like a layout and it all builds it in order, so starts at empty 1 and as i press spacebar a property counts down and spawns at a diffrent empty each time. (if that makes sence)

And yer i named them all cause i didnt wanna take any chances of getting lost through it all and then being more confused. Im sure i coulda used python and done it more efficiently but my programming skills suck, doing a program subject next semester so maybe after that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice though monster, you always come to my rescue. Good forum this.

Skaling up or down has some issues:

  1. The Physics calculates with 1BU = 1 meter (if you use Physics)
  2. There are some margins (for Physics too). So scaling down a lot is not that good either.
  3. Scaling the camera does NOT scale the near and far clipping distances. You need to adjust them in the camera settings ;).
  4. Sometimes a scale in object mode produces problems especially when something is parented to the scaled object.

I hope it helps