How to affect UV edge on connected face only


I’m texturing with gradients for a project. I’d like to affect the UVs of an edge but ONLY those who belong to the face directly connected to that edge like you’d be able to do in Maya. Does anyone know how to do that without having to isolate the face ? I know it isn’t very clear… hopefully the screenshots will help making sense of it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

In the UV editor to the right of selection mode (verts, edges, faces, islands) there’s a Sticky Selection dropdown, which is by default set to Shared Location. Set it to Disabled (and re-select the UV edge afterwards).

Thanks for the reply Stan !
That works but only if you make your selection through the UV editor. Sometimes the UVs overlap themselves when texturing with gradients and it can be really hard to identify which edge is where…
I’m pretty sure your option will do the trick just fine once I get used to it though :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s more of a usability problem. Blender needs UV display and highlighting without this “keep selection in sync” thing. Here’s hoping it makes it one day…

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