How to align (rotate) mesh by 2 verticles?

I have a complex mesh. I need rotate mesh along some axis (x,y,z never mind) to line-up 2 points of this mesh. I don’t need align points (S,Z,0), i need align mesh. Of course i can move pivot to vertex 1 and visually rotate until vertex 2 will be on my desired axe. But i want to keep original pivot and precisely rotate mesh. See the picture.

I’m pretty sure Mesh Align Plus has that feature.

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Manually you can create one edge as helper and snap to it.

  • snap vertic 1 to the line via move
  • then snap vertic 2 to the line via rotate

It will not change geometry if you select all vertics and use the active one for snapping.

It will change relative pivot location.

You are right.

It must be done in object mode with set 3d cursor to the active point.