how to alternate mouse events via python


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I have an idea about hand modeling in blender. I’m planing to fuze Blender with handVu ( hand gesture motion trecking system.

I need to know some basic information.
Can I handle and manage evenets like from a mouse in 3d window(maybe in whole Blender Apllication) via python?

I have position and event informations(something like a Lclick, Rclick,…) from handVu and I’m curious if i can alternate mouse events with events from handVu.

Do U gide me a bit, where schould I look at and if it’s possible?

thx jm

yes this is all possible, though the current api may not be particularly ideal to do it you can start with the Draw module and the Window module,

Depending on exactly what you are aiming to do it may be necessary to use a space handler script.

A couple general thoughts:

  1. The Window module is Generally Recognized As Evil
  2. SpaceHandlers are the way of the future, especially for anything interactive.

can U tell me more about this SpaceHandlers?
everebody telling me that is good way how to do it, but what is it for and are they part of python API or is’t a part of blender writen in C or C++?

thaks jm

Heres an example of a space handeler