How to always respect all required transformations?

Hello again Blenderartists!

I’m still creating my Graphic Novel, with all images (shots) rendered using EEVEE.

That book will be around 300 pages thick, with an average of 6 shots per page, for a total of some 1 800 shots.

I already created all my assets. For all my static assets, I know exactly their required transformations (position and rotation).

For all my 1 800 shots, I’m trying to find the best way to respect these transformations.

If I simply use the Asset Manager, I don’t know how I can make sure that each and every static asset will have the appropriate transformations (position and rotation).

Instead of using the Asset Manager, should I use :

a) Scripting ?

b) Geometry Nodes ?

c) A different method… Which one ?

What should be the best workflow, for such a huge project ?

Thanks in advance!