How to animate a man give a bottle to another man? -using constraint-

Help me please, I try to create an animation of a guy passing a bottle to another man. I already tried both the the copy transform and child of constraint to make the bottle follow the first character’s hand, but every time I turn off the influence in order to make the bottle follow the second character’s hand, the bottle went back to the first position(0,0,0) instead of following the first character’s hand last position.

I’m still new on rigging and animation parts of Blender. also, I didn’t find any luck googling the web about this so I make this thread. hope someone’s help. :slight_smile:

Have you tried by simply parenting the object to the bone that makes up the hand? And when you pass it on parent that object to that hand?

Thanks for the reply XeroShadow. I tried your advice by simply parenting the object, but I didn’t find how to capture the movement(a way to key the bottle, do I need to key it?). because every time I clear parent of the bottle from the first character, the animation is gone. But, I learn something. just found out that after parenting I could clear parent without having the bottle back to the first position using “Clear and Keep Transformation” :slight_smile: thanks.

fyi, I’m using two armatures and a mesh bottle without rig.

This is a bit tough to explain, but I use a child of constraint on the object, targeting the the hand bone. I key the loc/rot of the object, key the hand control bone loc/rot. Set the constraint’s influence to 1, set a key there as well. might have to mess with the clear inverse & set inverse buttons. Now advance to the frame before the character is to drop the item, key the item’s loc/rot. Key the child of constraint’s influence. Now, in this order - advance one frame, key the object’s visual loc/rot, adjust the constraint’s influence to 0, key that as well. Please see attached file…



25_ChildOf.blend (370 KB)

Thanks a lot, I checked your file and it is what I need. I reply just let you know that I’m still trying to figuring out how the system works. Now I understand why you said it’s hard to explain. I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. Finally I understand. The key is the “visual loc rot” key. it somehow keyed an object based on your visual location. and it needs to be animated also.

mmm… hard to explain.

but anyway, thanks for Xeroshadow and revolt_randy that helps me to understand the system. Thanks a lot. problem solved.

Hi 2gether,

i understood everything until the step with releasing. Its possible to pick an object up, to drag it with the bone but if i want to release it (Frame x: key loc_rot of bone & object, key influence 1) snaps the object away if i go one frame forward to do the following: (Frame x+1: key vis loc_rot, key influence 0 ) i tried the file above and it worked. so i did deleted all keyframes from this file and did it exactly as described. Why does it snap? I cant fix it with set / clear inverse:( Im going nuts with it. Tried it the whole afternoon…

its a bug. with an older 2.5 build it worked