How to animate a space ship that is falling apart?

How could you animate a spaceship or some other kind of vehicle with loose or shaky parts? Like the Mandalorian’s ship at the end of episode three, season two. He goes to take off and the ship is pretty much falling apart. As he lifts off, all kinds of parts are loose and shaking. How could you animate that? Do you have to hand animate that? Or do you apply some sort of physics?

I would approach it this way:

  • creating the main armature … let’s say it’s the core of the ship (which doesn’t fall apart). Then you can create various bones which later serve as attachment reference points for a constraint modifier.
  • For the parts that need to shake and fall apart I would use a constraint modifier such as, copy location and rotation and target it to the attachment point reference bones of the main armature. You can then keyframe the influence value (so when it needs to come off, you set it to 0 influence).
  • for the shaking part, I would set a translation keyframe for the reference-attachment-point bone and use the Noise modifier in the graph editor to create a random shaking effect.

But that’s just me. I am pretty sure others have some better ideas maybe involving rigid body physics.

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Thank you for the tip. I’ll give it a go!