How to animate rotting corpse

Hello, I have a situation that’s puzzling me. It’s for a work for college about the impact of human activity to some sharks species and I need to animate these bodies decomposing and rotting, maybe losing a few limbs and it needs to work as a slider, like I can go back to full with an interaction. The project is being done in Unity but I don’t know if I should create different instances with different topologies and textures or is there an easier way to do this. How sould my rig be also? Please I’d appreciate any help, advice or feedback. Thank you.

You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you.

I’d look into using shape keys to physically change the shark, and then you’ll probably want to paint a decomposed texture or two to transition into.

It’s my understanding (from a quick google search) that unity supports blender shape keys, so that should work alright, but if not you could probably use Alembic. One benefit to alembic over shape keys, is that you could probably animate some Boolean brushes? I’d test it first before committing to that.

I dunno how medically/scientifically accurate you need it, but those options should work for a basic representation, or an advanced one depending on how much work you’re willing to put into it.

I haven’t thought about using booleans, I’ll look into that. Thanks for the answer. Better get to work

i made a zombie shader

it took months of working with the cycles node, and the rib cage and skull was way harder than it looks…


…my shader was designed to bake on to any uv map presented, and not require any UVs…
…if you uv unwrap your fish, and then map on a skeleton, you can combine that with noise, and using animation nodes displace, to animate decomposition, and have it come out looking very nice.

you coukd also maybe first model the skeleton, then use a cloth simulator and have the skin shrink over the bones (voronoi makes a nice decomposed skin look if done right)

That’s awesome!, thanks for the help