How to animate walking.

No matter what I do I can’t seem to be able to animate my characters walk.
Am I doing something wrong?
I tried a lot of tutorials but none of them were helpful. Can someone write step by step how to animate walking in the blender game engine?

First thing first, use a cube to “grow” the base shape, I will upload a example,

Update: As promised


ProgressionOfaRiggaMan.blend (617 KB)

check Vertex Groups!
Most probaly different Bones/Vertex Groups share the same Vertices?!

I’ll check Monster’s guide. Just to clarify I am able to animate the character but I can’t seem to animate it in the game. Can someone go over the steps to add animation in the game. I looked at many tutorials and can’t seem to make it work, but I’ll check Monster’s and OTO’s solution first.

As I wrote, follow the check list.

you have to do

Always -Run armature :slight_smile:

or you have to trigger an action :slight_smile:

I tried this on an older character model and it worked so I guess I just did something wrong (I’ll go over Monster’s guides). Thanks to everyone that tried to help.

No problem, this held me back for YEARS as I could not get my stuff into the BGE :):slight_smile: