How to apply 2 or more materials to one object.

Can you apply 2 materials to one object in blender if yes, then how?

Each face can be assigned a different material so an object can have a ton of materials. You just go to the material tab in properties , create a new slot for the material and then a new material, you select the faces that the material you want to be assigned on and then click the assign button.

Yes definitely and is very easy. Select object. Select Material Tab (the purple-ish ball icon). Click plus button on the right of material list.
Now you have multiple materials. What you need to do next is to assign your material to faces (by default all faces have 1st material assigned). In edit mode select vertices you want to assign different material to. Then in material tab select material to assign (you can have as many materials as you want, and assign different one to each face if you choose so) and press assign button.

also, one can use overlapping UV layers.
and do multiple UV maps blended,
so a atlas mixed with a dirt atlas,
can create the illusion of a non repeating pattern.

Wow thanks.
Can the same be done with textures.

You don’t apply textures to an object - you apply materials - and the materials contain the textures. You cannot really use textures without being part of a material (unless being used for things like displacement) - so the answer to your question is yes

Textures are used to control things like the material’s colour, glossiness, bump etc and you can have multiple textures within a material.

Yes. Material assigned textures are easiest to assign on different faces using multiple materials, but it’s also possible to have one material and

  • use different texture coordinates to get multiple textures mapped on different faces/areas
  • or use stencil textures to mask different portions of different textures. Could also use other mask source like vertex colors when using node materials
  • or use one image texture that was made from multiple materials+textures with baking

Using vertex colors to mask different faces covered by one material

You also might want to have a look over the manual page about multiple materials.

Thanks alot for the info.