How to apply different textures into a single plane?


I have built a Home room from a single plane. Its looking fine. I want to add different textures in it, for ex: different Roof texture, Wall texture and floor texture like that. Since, this room has built from a single plane, if i apply one texture, it applies to all(roof, floor etc.). My doubt is, Is it possible to apply different textures for different set of faces in the same plane? (or) How do i achieve this, since i have built a room from a single plane?

Thanks in Advance!


I could to solve this issue by selecting faces separately in edit mode and apply textures only for it.

Now I dunno if this is the correct way but the way I do it is: Select faces that you want the texture to be different on and make it a separate object. I think in edit mode after faces selected press P or CMD P (if on a mac)

I hope this helps my man.

this is for cycles ?

add some subdivison and for each section add a new material

happy cycles

The easiest way is to use multiple materials. Select the faces you want to have the roof texture, add a new material and hit assign, and put your roof texture in that material. Repeat as necessary for other parts.