How to apply fishnet texture and make it look seamless?

I trying to figure out how to model and texture fishnet stockings. Ok, modeling - just model legs, but texture… if to do it with UV - which means 100% using seams, which is unacceptable, I tried to do it with UV-less method, which gave me bad result.

I know, it’s just much easier to do it with uv’s and hide seam in texture, but I saw a lot of such models, where textures absolutely seamless, and it’s bugging me - I want to know how to do it

I tried to unwrap it with UV anyway, and then square it up, but seam is still visible. Is there any better way to do it?

No [ten character filler]

That seam is very difficult to notice.

But still, with different, more complex textures this could be very visible (for example if it will be a human mesh with skin texture applied)

That seam is hardly visible. Even with your arrows pointing at it, I have a hard time noticing it.

Why unacceptable? Many stockings/fishnets have a very pronounced seam in real life, why not model it in? For actual seamless since thigh and leg are of different proportions, you’ll end up with a mask size that changes according to position and this have to be reflected in the texture, or you’ll end up with a thread/net size which have different thickness if you don’t reflect it in the texture. If you want constant mask size, you have to have a seam - you can’t go from 5 masks in the leg to 8 in the thigh without something happening.

Using UVs, make it a separate UV layout and “fill” the whole UV space. That should make the tilings seamless if the texture is seamless. But the mask size will have to vary. Procedurally, you may be able to vary the thread size depending on V position to have a somewhat constant thread.

Play with uvs until you match the corresponding pixels maybe.

Perhaps try harder