How to apply Ni Mate data to armature in Blender 2.8?

Hi, I have been trying to apply Ni Mate animation data to a character which I have created, but I cannot figure out how to apply it to the armature.
I read on another forum that you can bake the animation, but the instructions were for an older version of Blender.


Never mind, I figured it out!

Could you let me know how you did it?

Since it’s been two years, for reference the baking part is done through the “bake action” operator found in the object > animation menu (in the 3D viewport). I have no experience with Ni Mate though. Have you checked out the documentation ?

Thanks Hadriscus!
Yeah I did actually. Also the remington rig works well.
The problem is trying to retarget it to Tim Down’s Coolio2 Rig and it is giving all sorts of problems.

Twisted bones, alignment issues etc. I cannot even fix coordinates as ni mate creates those empties that I use to retarget.

Here is my file link for your reference: