How to apply position of points to hair particle system

Hi all,

I’m trying to apply my own particle position to an hair particle system.

I found MakeHuman project has a script to import hair file in obj, and then create a new particle system.
You can download it from MakeHuman’s website.
The script is for blender 2.5.
While I try it in blender 2.6, it seems not working for me.

After seeing the source code,
I found the process it did is like this:

guildes #containg hair strands


#apply particle coordinates
foreach particle
particle.location = guide[0]
particle.hair_keys[i] = guide[i]


each hair strand belongs to one particle
partilce’s hairkey represents the hair point along the hair strand.

Though I can run the script without error, the result is completely wrong.
Hope someone could help me, thanks!