HOw to apply textures on an object with more faces?....

I got it pretty good with mesh modeling i can say. I love it, i made a space ship, however i have a problem.

I want to apply a texture only on one face of the object, and i want to paint it somehow, i dont know how, i tried a brush however, it painted allt he faces.

I have a simple metal texture, and i want add another texture for the windows.

Please help me, i didnt found on wikipedia, a tutorial that can help me to apply a texture one one part.

Also, i treid to use the uv face select, however, i selected one face, and that one didnt got textured but the rest did.


THE SHIP IS NOT YET READY, i still have to add the weapons and some good things;)

Before you unwrap a model, the UV layout works so that each face contains the entire texture. to have different sections of the on different faces you have to unwrap it. More info on .

If you only want to paint on one face of the model it might be quicker to make that face a different material.

When you try to paint one face and the others are painted also, this is a common problem. A wise person told me to hide all the other faces like the tutorial says with ‘H’, and then when painting with texture paint, start from outside the the face and paint inward - then when you unhide the other faces, you should see a crisp line defining that face only. Seems painting from center outward oversprays, but outward to inward (hiding other faces) allows paint on only the visible face.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. I really loved it once they told me a few weeks ago. :smiley:

WEll, this wasnt hard at all, i found how to unwrap and how to hide, the problem is that now i cant make them visible again, so like the h doesnt work…

I think it’s alt-H to unhide them…

Thanks a lot, you helped me a lot with this, like, now i can work on my ship:)

Hi all
I use Blender 2.46 on Fedora 8. I can model ok but am hopeless at texturing.
I am new to texture painting on UV and on a mesh.
I’ve read a few pages and wikis but feel I need step by step that covers all the necessities.
I know how to unwrap, how to put the unwrapped image into gimp and paint on it and how to make the model display the paint job.
I want to know how to paint textures on to parts of the model.
Can someone point me to a tut on this please.
Many thanks