How to approach complex hardsurface 3d models?

hey im an intermediate user here! i can make most simple surfaces to some intermediate ones but the minute i look at tings like these:


I don’t own any of these models they are just reference images I found online!

I often find that if they are a one piece object like a car or headphones or things that don’t have layers I’m able to model with ease these however not so much

I honesty don’t know where to even begin! any advice would be helpful! keeping it a little detailed or if u have any links? I’m sure me and others who land on this thread would find it useful!

Divide and conquer. The last one for example is a sphere. How do you think this would be build in reall live?
Make some cuts, some milling or drilling which would be some extrude or boolean. Go into details, some holes for screws and on and on…

I’m still very much a beginner but when I first started I thought everything had to be one mesh, now I know to build many meshes, even seperate objects to make up the whole.

Take your examples for instance, look at them in detail and you will see many obvious but simple meshes all come together to create something very complex.

Trying to make something like those as a beginner is daunting I know, but just attempting such a complex model is a whole new personal learning experience that you won’t find in a tutorial or online video.

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I agree! But the process has been so frustrating I have abandoned about 2 models so far.Before I started my 3rd I wanted to have a plan😅

Thanks mate I will certainly look into what u just said :blush:

Any Complex object is just a bunch of smaller objects put together. Go buy a plastic model kit and look at how it’s designed. With most man made objects there is a frame, engine and transmission, wheels etc mounted to the frame are large surfaces of sheet metal over the top. break it down to its most basic components. Build it in small sections you only have to spend a few hours on.