How to approach this modeling exercise

Hi, I’m doing some modeling practice as a new Blender user, and I’m struggling with how to approach some parts of this sofa:

Specifically, I’m stuck on how to get the cylinder shapes around the seams of the cushions. I’ve been trying to model those as separate objects but I can’t get it quite right. I would share images or my blend file but it’s not letting me upload since I’m a newbie.

I guess I’m just looking for some tips and ideas on how anyone else would approach it. Thanks!

Do you mean these shapes here?

I’d use a curve for those:

  1. select the edges you want to convert, duplicate (shift-D) and separate them (P, selection)

  2. right-click the new object and select convert to → curve

  3. change the curve’s geometry settings:

  4. if necessary, you can convert back to mesh, add caps, some edge loops and a sub-d modifier:


This is fantastic thank you so much :slight_smile:

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FWIW, such elements are called “piping”, both on furniture and clothing. I’m not sure if they serve a function or are just decorative.