How to array of objects with variable size and individually tweakable along path

I’m needing help with how to use blender 2.76 to create an array of objects along a path where each object is individually tweakable, and the array starts from a selectable start along the path, say 15%, and then the objects increase in length, but not in height or width, up to a maximum, using a curve not a straight increment, then start to change the angle to the path at say 85% resulting in the object having a final angle relative to the path 0% at the 100% mark, with the objects symmetric on each side of the path, but the controlling path should be able to be rotated or translated at each node…

I’m modelling a palm frond

I’m not sure an array is the best way to go if you want to have so much control here. Of course you can start with an array and put it on a path, but what I would do is apply it, then scale the leaves of the frond individually. Then rig the frond with bones and if you need as much control as you described you can rig the leaves as well and parent them to the bones in the frond.

If you’ve never worked with armatures, youtube is your friend!

Thanks ‘howtoblend’, <br>
sorry about the long delay… had to do a **lot of homework… I found a way… it’s turning off the ‘speed’ option of the dupliframes options<br>
then the individual leaves can be tweaked and keyframes set for individually scaled and rotated leaves in my palm frond… using dupliframes and turning off the ‘speed’ option makes all the frames of the ‘animation’ visible, then by using the frame number in the timeline, combined with the graph editor…each individual leaf can be selected and tweaked as required… finally when the dupliframed leaves are looking OK, they can be turned into separate objects if required using object->apply->make duplicates real…<br>


Here’s another shot of tweaking individual leaves… note there is no stem on the frond yet…