How to assign a vertex group to a bone?

I am facing the rigging subject right now and I’m not understanding how to assign vertex groups to the relative bones.
I have created these vertex groups manually, and I have created an armature too.
Then, the next step is…?

Thanks in advance.

So, if the name of the vertex group is the same name as the bone, once the armature relationship is established, they automatically sync up.

It’s usually best to just parent the mesh to the armature using either Empty Groups, Envelope Weights, or Automatic Weights. All three of these options will add your vertex groups automatically. Then you typically edit them in weight painting mode, or in the vert group panel for absolute weights.

Oh thanks I couldn’t imagine that. It works!
I had also forgotten to add the modifier ‘armature’ to the mesh. :smiley:

To assign vertex groups to a bone is relatively simple. If you go in pose mode, you can select a bone and then in edit mode, selecting your vertices and clicking on assign and it will assign it to the selected bone. Hope this helps