How to assign hotkeys to "Vertex select", "Edge select" and "Face select"?

Dear Community,

how can I assign hotkeys to “Vertex select”, “Edge select” and “Face select” (in edit mode)?

I used Wings3D before where these hotkeys are v, e and f, and when I started with Blender I was wondering why these essential hotkeys are missing and even worse nobody seems to miss them. Because when modelling you have to switch between these three selection modes all the time. So I want to assign these hotkeys at least for myself (like F1, F2 and F3) but I couldn’t figure out how to do this. When I right-klick the buttons there is a small contex menu but the entry “add shortcut” is missing. Neither do I have an idea how to do this using “User Preferences” -> “Input” because there are so many entries it is impossible to find them (the search didn’t help me either).



ctrl+tab to get the selection menu, right click on one and choose “add shortcut”.

Thanks a lot.