How to assign shader on specific part of the mesh?


I am trying to colour my rocket by using UV mapping then assigning material to the mesh. For some reason whole rocket is coloured instead the mesh only mesh.


You need 2 materials on the rocket to be able to assign them to different part of the mesh.

Hi, just click on the + sign on the right hand side of your window material
and assign that material to your selection.

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Thanks, that worked for me. Any idea why chosen blue window does not follow the rim and rather has these jagged effect?

HI, this is because your mesh is connected to a single point in the centre
creating triangles. you need to change the surface to quads.
also if you add another loop near the rim it will reduce the tension.
looking at your mesh is in quads so just add another loop.

I tried Mesh > Faces > Tris to Quads but I don’t think it change anythinge however changing subdivision modifier to simple it made a difference.

Hey, all you need to do is select the window area and inset it. This will add more geometry to the edges, thus preventing it from getting pinched toward the center. Don’t set the subdivision modifier to Simple. All that does is jaggedly subdivide the faces, and in your case, all it’s doing is adding unneeded vertices everywhere on your mesh.

Catmull-Clark on the other hand both subdivides and smooths your mesh, which in most cases, is what you want.

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I don’t know why I had such topology issues in the first place because that’s exactly how I do. Pretty straight forward :slight_smile: I guess still have to learn in’s and outs of Blender.
Thanks for help. My little practice project is over.