How to attach a Mesh with has Image Texture to another mesh that also has its own image textures?

Hey guys, i was just wondering, Is it possible to attach a Mesh that already has Image Texture to another mesh that also has its own image textures?

It’s not the typical process where you just select both mesh and press CTRL J.

What I mean is, joining the Meshes’ Vertices. For example, I have a mesh head (MESH 1) that already has a texture but it’s only up to the next, then i have another mesh say for example a full character which i made earlier (MESH 2).

Is it possible to delete MESH 2’s head in edit mode up to the neck, and then join with Bridge edge loops with MESH 1. Will it come out ok with their textures, or will their textures get messed up?

It’ll all depend on the UV maps. If you have Body mesh and you name it’s UV map Body and you have a head mesh where you have renamed its UV map Head and you do a Ctrl+J, the new object will have two UV maps: Body and Head. In the materials you’d just make sure you specify the correct UV map where appropriate

thanks bro. what i meant wasn’t the typical CTRL J because the CTRL only makes them as 1 object,

What i meant was really attaching the 2 meshes, as in welding them together with a Bridge Edge Loops. or merging their vertices together, will it mess up how their textures will look?

Joining vertices/merging them should cause any issues. The UV maps will be unaffected. Moving vertices around could. Adding bridging geometry will cause some work too. There will be new faces which will have to be considered in the UV maps.