How to attach cartoon lattice eye rig to a face?

Got the blinking and pupil movement all set up with lattice deform, but none of the tutorials tell how to attach the eyes to the skeleton. I set up the armature as pictured, just don’t know what to do to connect. Parenting causes the eyeball to move away from the lattice, and just connecting the lattice tho the bone works, but the eyes stay put and deform as the body moves.

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have you tried parenting eye to the lattice and lattice to the bone?

It moves and distorts the eyball and the lids.

I’ve had the exact same problem just recently and would love to hear a solution or alternative? The lattice is useful for shaping spherical eyeballs… but I couldn’t make this set-up attach to the armature without the same probs as OP (though I’m new to rigging so could be first time operator error!)

Any thoughts appreciated!

I’m trying a different tutorial video for making them, and this time I plan to parent the eye to the lattice first and see if that does it. I’ll report back with an update in 20 or so minutes.

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Ok, so I did it again, but I realized lattice deform IS parenting, but this time I didn’t have an issue, but I think it was because the eyes were controlled by another armature. I don’t really know, and this one isn’t as good, but it works.

This is the one I used just now that worked

This one is from a similar (or same) guy who makes very similar content:

but I had already done the first one done and this one looks like less of a hassle than rotating the lids and eyes separately.

Anyway, I parented the lattice to the bone and badaboom

edit: I did use the vids from the channel of the second video. The boolean mouth was pretty good, but there’s only a few tutorial vids scattered into a couple hundred short animations.

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