How to avoid normal map problems?

Long time no see :slight_smile: Anyways I’m making a character for a game (hopefully) and I have the lowpoly version of the model. I made a normal map for it using mudbox but there are nasty artifacts due to mesh subdivision. I tried to make another version of the model with additional cuts (not extruding nor moving anything - just cutting) but then the normal map doesnt line up with UV of the old model for some reason (not mentioning that some parts are really nasty to cut). I don’t want to use the cut version of the model as it boosts the poly count quite up. What can I do with this problem?

If anyone is interested - I used xnormal to bake my normals and it helped a lot (reduced 90% of artifacts) then I played a bit with the normal map in a 2d package. At last but not least I smudged the seams where needed using blender texture paint :slight_smile: