How to avoid/reduce some condemnation for aiding and abetting

A complaint is now lodged concerning the hacking, receiving and concealing, and aiding and abetting activities issued by some contributors of this forum and their relations.

Now I may only attempt to reduce impact on some innocent people here, who have been informed, then been witness by viewing stolen information. I imagine how they may have been shocked, but didn’t dare to oppose themselves to their surrounding contributors group…

As I don’t doubt that the full clarity will now be made on this affair, I’ll propose to them to regularize their situation by declaring their passive complicity… They don’t have to denounce anybody : No need !.. All they have to do is to send today an email at : [email protected]
In this email, all they will have to tell is :

  • their login name(s) in this forum
  • the different pieces of stolen information they have viewed and their internet/computer emplacement, with the date (approximate) of access
  • the way by which they had been informed of these stolen information existence and accessibility ( Not necessary to give any name ! )
  • any supplementary comment they’ll judge necessary or interesting concerning this affair

I believe it’s hard to do so, thinking either to yourself, or also to your surroundings… But only you can stop yourself sinking deeper !..

And think a bit more by your own, instead for any clan interests, which have clearly passed far beyond any legitimacy, and far deep in delinquency. Think to the victim and his moral harassing, and viewing the bad intents publicly posted by some of the culprits, to his real fears now ( bank, logins, etc… ). Think to the Internet global community and to the kind of contribution you and your ‘friends’ would like to bring and offer. At last, think there are moments in life where you can’t be both on sunny and shadowy sides of the road : You have to choose !..

I’m sorry, though I have absolutely no culpability : some people thought they were ‘strong’ enough to play with matches and dynamite in middle of the public, and declared after my explicit accusation that they were “at least ‘strong enough’ to resist to [my] pitiful bribes”… Well, these great wizards have chosen to oblige me to be absolutely pitiless…


PS: As your rapidity to answer has a great importance in the weight which will be given to it, perhaps would it be a good thing to make the message pass…

:confused: Huh? :confused:

say what?

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So can someone tell me how to report a thread to the moderators.
this should be locked now.

I don’t know where to start here, I really don’t.

For a start, If you are going to make accusations against people on a public forum, which everyone can read, then you should at the very least explain what the hell these accusations are, and in a reasonable manner, otherwise people like me are going to come across this thread and think that you’ve just attacked the crack pipe.

Secondly, why are these supposed allegations being made in public anyway? Why aren’t you pm’ing Goofster, BgDm or any of the other mods?

Thirdly, clarify, clarify, clarify…I don’t think I can make this point enough.

I was attempting to send you an email with the chronological information you requested upon arrival on this planet but your inbox seems to be completely and utterly fooool. Furthermore the liberation of your species is coming to an end. Good night.


No idea what you’re on about Gyan …

… unless …

You don’t agree with Orion119 that Super-Wu-Man’s a wus!

(Can’t be a magician without learning how to read minds! Even at this distance!)
I’m sure he didn’t steal his irrefutable evidence, just borrowed it for a while!

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Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
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And the mome raths outgrabe.

‘Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
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Troll - or just a seriously unfortunate translation?