How to avoid texture distortion around windows?

maybe this has been answered a thousand times, but a search with “distorted texture” didn’t bring the answer so here’s the problem:
The base model is a simple box with a window, subsurfed. The texture around the window is distorted. Is there an easy way to fix this problem?
Here is a little picture of the problem:
left side: UV-Editor, unwrapped mesh fits perfect
right side: 3D-view, texture around the window is distorted

To avoid distortion try adding additional edge loops around the areas showing stretching. Also when you uv unwrap select the ‘Use Subsurf Data’ tickbox. This may help.

Thank you, Richard. The additional loops helped a lot. I already tried the new “use subsurf data” feature but it didn’t work convincingly.
By the way - is there a way to align complete islands in the UV-Editor? When i use “Align Y” Blender aligns all vertices to one Y-value.