How to bake and apply AO textures for large scenes?


I have been trying to bake an AO texture for a small city which i have made in blender. I have a few textured buildings, cars and street furniture. And i want to fake shadows without sacrificing cpu power by baking an AO map for the whole city. But I can’t find a way of doing so. The only way to bake an ao map for the whole city it to join all the meshes together and unwrap them using the ‘Smart UV Project’ setting. However, firstly, I cannot join everything up as many objects need to stay seperate. And secondly choosing ‘Smart UV Project’ will mess up the textures applied to objects, as i have selected different unwrap settings for different objects. So my question is, how can we bake and apply AO for large scenes?


well, “join” only the terrain/floor ones?
Or “join” the easy/obvious ones in some large areas?

Look for Texture Atlas addon. (and also texture atlas as a keyword is what you need)

Hi, but i need the floor to be seperate and not joint to anything else

Did you look at texture atlasing? It basically automates creating second UV layer for each object and positioning stuff neatly for you.

Thank you!

That’s perfect! That’s what I was looking for! Thank you very, very much! :slight_smile: