How to bake animation from curve modifier?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create keyframes for my mesh from the curve modifiers.

I want to export my mesh (with the animation) to a different software (Spark AR) and for that, I need to bake the keyframes into the mesh.
maybe I’m doing it wrong, but if so, is there another way?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Yon,

Although you have keyed the animation start and end, the deforming of the mesh is actually at the vertex level. To get this out of Blender you need to export the file in a format that supports this kind of data. Alembic is the most obvious, but looking at the documentation for SPARK AR, they only support the following file formats:

FBX 2014/2015 (binary and ASCII versions)
gITF 2 (binary and text versions)

none of these currently support vertex animation [ also known as ‘point cache’ ], they only support bone animation. Additionally is see in the SPARK AR documentation this line:

“Spark AR Studio only supports position, scale and rotation properties in imported animations.”


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Hi @DamianJ

Thank you for your response!
But is there a way to animate with a rig and the curve modifier?
I want to believe that there is some kind of way to get that animation into keyframes without keying every motion with a rig.

You should use Armature constrainted to spline (like Follow path, Clamp To, Spline IK, etc) and avoid Curve Modifier.
Basic principle: bones deform mesh, while travelling along spline. More bones, more segments and smoother motion, but I guess too much bones will choke this app.

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Thank you @Serge_L
I will be sure to try it and hopefully it will solve my problem! :slight_smile:

The mesh stays straight and doesn’t change its shape to the spline. it just follows it as a straight line.
Am I doing it wrong?

Nope, it’s not that easy. Constraints have to be on bone level, not on object.