How to bake smoke noise to .vdb cache


I’m trying to bake a smoke sim to .vdb to import as vdb volumes in other scenes. I got a good look with the noise wavelet upres but if I import the vdb from the cache folder, I can select from the data subfolder, which gives me the simulation without the noise upres. If I select the .vdb from the “noise” subfolder, it doesn’t show in the render.

I don’t find a lot of information about it on the internet, anyone can help?

thanks !

Also, when I import the “noise” vdb, I see the good result in the viewport, but like I say, I can’t get it to render.

Hi Patrick,

since I have just been confronted with the problem and there is no answer in this thread yet, here is my found solution to the problem.

The material shader for the volume automatically sets the density attribute to “density”.
But in the Noise.vbd this is “density_noise” - as you can see in the Volume-Data-Properties.
You have to change this from “density” to “density_noise” and everything will be fine! :slight_smile:!

Hope this helps.


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Fantastic! Thanks for that!