How to bind "View From the Active Camera" to a hotkey?

Even with factory settings the hotkey Numpad 0 (View > Camera or View > Cameras > Active Camera) doesn’t work in Blender 2.65. It works fine on 2.61 and comparing the View menu it seems that the function is simply not bound to a key by default in 2.65. Going to View > Camera works as expected on 2.65.

How do I bind the View > Camera function to a hotkey? What is the Python code to put into the new keybind?
I tried bpy.ops.view3d.viewnumpad(type=‘CAMERA’) that is shown when you hover over the View > Camera option but it didn’t work.

Check your settings as it works perfectly in my blender 2.65 default settings

Under 3D View / 3D View (Global)


Right click on View>Camera. Then select Add/change shortcut. It is set to “O” by default on my machine. 2.65 Win7 64bit

Well this makes no sense. I opened Blender and suddenly the keybind works. However it doesn’t work on a saved .blend I made earlier today yet when I look at the input settings for that blend the keybind is there, but the keybind is not shown in the View menu.

Edit: The keybind Numpad 0 does exist but it’s bound to View: Front for some reason. Changed that to camera and it works correctly now.